Thank You 2017 Welcome 2018

January 02, 2018

Hello fellow unravelers, 😊 I am so so sorry for being absent from this virtual world for quite some time, well I just got carried away with something else.

Anyway, I have loads of new crochet designs that I wanted to share with you guys but haven't got the time to write down the pattern properly and film the tutorial, but this year I will try my best to post more crochet tutorials consistently. 

It's been a great year, and I am so glad that I've decided to share my passion with the world because now I can see that all my effort won't be kept away just like that and anyone who have the same passion can keep making this beautiful art.

If you want to sell items made from my patterns, feel free to do so. You don't have to give me credit, it's not necessary. You can do whatever you want, rename your own product , adjust the pattern to your liking or make it unique by adding value like beads or embellishment to you product. 

I spent a lot of time to design, write the pattern, count the number of stitches, film the tutorial and share it for free, so the only thing I will not be so happy with is if my pattern being copied 100%, edited to make it look as their own and redistribute/sell it in PDF form or hard copy without my consent.

Please at least modify and make it unique, there will be more variety if you create something different from the original isn't it? I am so happy if you feel inspired to recreate a pattern from my design but don't just copy and paste the written pattern. 

I believe most of my followers are far more advanced crocheter than me, so it's totally okay for me if you want to adjust my pattern and make it better. See, I am not selling finished products made from my patterns at the moment, I'm just designing patterns and share it. So I am really glad if any crocheter out there decided to sell products made from my patterns.

You can always give me credit by sharing my blogs, my YouTube tutorials, or if you want me to see your creation just link to any of my social media accounts. Selling items made from my design is a way to share too so people who don't crochet can appreciate our crochet creation :)

My goal is to share the ideas how I made the design, and I really appreciate if you could credit me as the original designer when you recreate my pattern but don't feel oblige to follow my pattern completely and give me credit directly. 

Hopefully we can grow and appreciate this art for bringing us together.

Thank you 2017 
It has been a great year

Welcome 2018
Let's unravel what life has to offer


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  1. Welcome back! Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Happy 2018! Love whatever you are able to share -- the spotlight isn't for everyone all the time, you are generous enough, I at least, can be patient.

  2. I'm glad you're back because I just found your site! <3 I like how you design, and you make it look so easy. Can't wait to finish my sweater so I can dig into your site. I ordered DROPs Safran yarn and have already found several of your patterns that will do it justice.

    1. So glad you found my site, I will add more patterns soon. Have fun crocheting 😊


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